1. Services

Topaz LLC agrees to provide recruitment services to the Trucking Company to source and refer qualified candidates for the positions of professional drivers, owner-operators, and individuals seeking to rent or lease trucks (collectively referred to as “Drivers”).

2. Recruitment Fees

2.1. The Trucking Company shall pay Topaz LLC the following recruitment fees:

– Solo Drivers: $1,000 per successful placement

– Team Drivers: $1,500 per successful placement

2.2. Payment shall be made as follows:

   – Upon the successful placement of a Driver, the Trucking Company shall pay Topaz LLC $500  from the Driver’s first day on the road.

   – An additional $500 shall be paid by the Trucking Company to Topaz LLC within 30 days of the Driver’s continuous employment for one month.

3. Replacement Guarantee

3.1. In the event that a Driver placed by Topaz LLC ceases employment with the Trucking Company within the first month, Topaz LLC shall provide a replacement Driver at no additional cost to the Trucking Company.